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What is Kundalini Yoga. Through this yoga, you can wake up the Kundalini early.

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Kundalini Yoga is a very important yoga process. Through which you can easily awaken {Kundalini} power. It is believed. The Kundalini power of all lives on the bottom of the navel of all human beings or in the Muladhadar chakra. When it awakens. Then Kundalini decides to move up through the Sushumna  pulse. Today we will know about Kundalini Yoga. Must watch the video till the end. A lot of {interesting} will find out. Kundalini Yoga is also known as Laya Yoga. Calm all the actions of the mind. Or be cool. All this comes under the yoga. By doing {Kundalini Yoga}, one can be free from suffering. And can achieve a new peace. {Kundalini Yoga} is very helpful in awakening the energy of our body.

kundalini yoga

Let's know how to do {Kundalini Yoga}. To do the Kundalini Yoga, you first have to purify your mind and body. Meaning your thoughts must be made sacred. To sanctify the mind, you have to add the habit of speaking the truth and not behaving badly with anyone And to make your body holy, you have to take full care of fasting and food. In doing so, your mind and body will start becoming pure in a very short time. From which you will not face much difficulty in awaking the Kundalini.

Now you have to change your routine. Such as to get up early in the morning And it will be early to sleep at night. And in the morning, you have to practice pranayama, meditation and dharna. After a short time you will begin to get control over your mind. The thought that you would like to bring. Those thought will come. Now your hold on your body will become strong. If you regularly practice this So. Your {Kundalini} will begin to waken within 6 {Months} ??year-round. It should be practiced at least {One Hour}. One important thing is this. This action should be done only under a yoga guru. Because if there is any obstruction. Then they can provide guidance to us well.





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