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What is meditation and how to find out that you have progressed in the path of meditation.

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Meditation is such a action.To say action not good. Is such an inexpressible state.Whereby everyone sometimes has passed.In different countries, Different religions have their own definition of {meditation}.All religions have different ways of meditating. But the essence of all of these is just one.Achieving nonviolence status. This is a very wonderful method. By which you will see many mysterious things happening in your life.Yoga has eight parts. From which Yoga is the eighth part of meditation. By doing this, all your work will be done without interruption.The entire action of yoga is to find this eighth part.


Meditation is not a verb. Such as a yoga posture etc. It's a matter of the top of it. Neither meditation is to be sit with closed eyes.Nor is there a garland chant. Meditation is above all these actions.Not being aware of these actions, it is meditation.When you go into a quiet state. When you did not know anything beyond you Nor what is going on inside you.  When real meditation happens. Many of you will practice meditation. But after some time you leave this practice in the middle.Because your mind is very fickle.You lack of {stability}.You want to start meditation tomorrow and within a week the results begin to appear. Have you ever thought.In so many years of life, in such a busy environment


Your mind and heart have become so used to being busy. It will take some time to calm down. It's a little bit like that.Started today and the results will start coming tomorrow.If you keep your patience then you will get such things.Whoever has never thought of in his own dreams. First of all you have to make your body eligible for that energy. Only then will your body be able to handle that energy. You have to constantly meditate for at least 40 days.Which will remove the thoughts of worthlessness in your body and only after going those thoughts, that energy will start arising in you. For which man is thirsty since childhood. That energy will gradually start spreading in your body And all your {negative} energy will start to change in that positive energy. Meditation will make many experiences.If you will start to understand this with your physical intelligence. Then it will remain confused in it and may have to face difficulty moving forward. When you do meditation. So you feel your body very light.So light that you feel

I started flying in and many times your body weight increases so much.That makes you feel like. If 10 people try to move you then you will not move. Have your ever thought.Why does this happen? So let's know. When you start to meditate. Meaning In the initial period, your body CHAKRAS is not activated.Only the root chakra is activated.And when you start going deep into meditation.So your {Kundalini} energy which is in the root chakra.Grows up slowly. So your negative energy starts to finish. Which makes you feel your body light.And in the early stages, you find the body too heavy. Because you have plenty of negative energy then. After proving meditation, there is the rise of a strange power in your body. So that he can move any object just by its gesture. He can move that object with the sign of his hand or eyes. why does this happen.Let's know. You may have often felt that in the state of meditation, you will feel tingling in your body.Those tingling is the extra energy of your body. Which comes into your body after meditation comes . And when your energy volume exceeds the requirement. So it starts coming out of your body.When you have control over yourself.Meaning the more deep meditation you will get available.


So you can control that energy very easily. That energy will work on your gestures. So in this way you can move any item from the gestures. There is a one more powerful force within the meditative person.The amount of energy in his body becomes so much. That they use them Can reduce one's grief.Can give your energy to any other person.Can convert someone's negative energy into positive energy Do all this for him It becomes very easy.If there is a disease to a common person And the disease is of some meditative person.So the meditator gets rid of that illness very quickly. All this game is of energy. The level of energy of someone is very high. So the level of energy of someone is very low. According to the body's energy, the person is able to work in his life. Meditation is the only process. By which you can get the {maximum energy} of your body in a very short time.Meditation is a mere beginning. To achieve that infinite energy.


When you will be skilled in meditation.Then you will start moving ahead of that stage. Which we call a {samadhi}. Samadhi is that state. Which we are completely located in ourselves. Whatever miraculous powers are born in our body.That happens only in the state of samadhi.Getting Samadhi is not so easy. It takes a lot of patience to achieve this stage.By which your body and mind are able to absorb that huge power. On completion of meditation, there will be unique things in our body.From which you can guess that you are successful in meditation. As the mind of a meditator starts to calm down.He will see things around him clearly. Now his consciousness towards his body will begin to grow. Whatever he will do. He will have his full awareness. And it will start to show the difference in your body and your {soul}.


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So in this way, you connected with whole universe

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