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So in this way, you connected with whole universe

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we are all one. You have heard this thing many times. Have you noticed this? What does this mean? How is we all one. If not, then let's look at it a bit. According to the sciences, when nothing was at the beginning. Then our entire universe was like a pea gram. Just a little bit narrow. But one day it was a powerful explosion of energy. With that explosion, the size of the grain increased and it got expanded.

Science says. Even today our universe is growing. Let's talk now. That's how we all got one. This is a very easy thing.If we are part of the universe and our universe begins to grow from a small point. So we are also part of the same point. From this point, it seems to know. Our consciousness is one. How are we from outside. But the consciousness inside all of us is the same. The energy which is blowing in all of us. He is of a kind. Just the difference is the same. Someone has know to used that energy. So no little less. This energy is such. As if a power house is providing energy to all households. The house is different from these. But the energy that is being used in it. It is the same. So in this way we all are made up of one's energy.

Now the thing is this. How can we use this energy. What should we do for this energy? Actually friends, we have locked our body. Because of which we can not absorb that infinite energy. The biggest obstacle to accepting this energy is our thoughts. We are not asking ideas for running life. Which is most helpful for you to move forward in life. We are talking about those ideas. Which is worthless.

Like what will happen in my life ahead. Whether it will work or not. You will find the same at the end of your life too. This idea is with you. You are still living with the same ideas. Whatever happens or not does not make any difference to your life.

But these thoughts are only obstructing you to reach your energetic stage.


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