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Are we able to know our past life?
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spiritual lover

Are we able to know our past life?

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Past life regression , what happened in the last birth. We all are interested to know about it. How did we die in past life? In which house or in what place we lived in the previous birth. sometimes , All these things have come in our brain.

We must first know ourselves before knowing the previous birth. You will say that you know yourself. Like my body is thicker or is thin. My eyes are such. How much more can I know now. Knowing your own body does not mean knowing your external body. It is to recognize the body inside. Who is there in. Remember to be constantly. If you get angry you have to know. what the region of that anger. Which part of my body is there? Which is helpful in generating the thoughts of my body. In the beginning you will find it very difficult. What's this happening? In the first round, your mind will be disturbed even more. But it's a matter of time. After that, they will start to become stable.

One thing to remember in your mind is that the more you go inside. The more they will become stationary in the outside world. Now you will keep an aware on your body activities. The more your mind becomes calm and stable. By which you will have the power to make yourself stable and balanced. And that power is to use more of the activities that happen in our day. Meaning you have to remember all your day activities. You can do this work even before you sleep. Do what your day before sleeping. It is to see this as a type of movie. But what's special about this. That is You have to see this movie inverted. Like if you analyze your activities at night. So first you have to look at the night's time. Eat your first meal. Later you came to the house working from the office. Then what did in the evening etc.First of all you have to think about a day. When your concentration power increases in one day. Then you will start going to the previous moment of your life. By doing such, you will reach the early moments of life.

Then you will go away till the first moment of this life's memories. Which is the moment of your birth. When you were in your mother's stomach and after that you will first see the old age of your past birth. This will happen. It seems too hard to think. But my friends, Which is our brain. He never forgets anything. Whatever has happened in our lives. They are being stored in it. All you have to do is open the lock of that store room.

All other work will be done automatically.


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Aware Your Friends

So in this way, you connected with whole universe

Kundalini Shakti is like a nuclear power.

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