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At the time of meditation, why are the pictures of Goddess visible?

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We all must have meditated sometimes. In this process of {meditation}, we have different types of experiences.From which we can guess the advancement in meditation.Is this guess correct? What can be estimated from the experience in meditation. How far ahead are you in the path of meditation. So let's know. After your frequent meditation,your Must have shared your experience with your friends.


All of you are sure to see the strange scene at the time of meditation. Those people, that place in meditation that will never be seen before today. After all, why does it look like in {meditation}? Have you ever thought.What is the reason behind seeing these pictures? Let's try to understand a little bit. Often in your unconscious mind, that feeling or image is stored. Your conscious mind does not know. As if you go through a market.So thousands of people see you there. But you can not remember all the faces in your mind. And those memories go into your subconscious mind. It means that all those people's faces are stored in your subconscious mind.

Your conscious mind would have known nothing. And when you are in deep state in {meditation} meaning when your mind starts to calm down.So the path between your conscious and subconscious mind opens up.From which some faces or some places start to manifest in your {meditation} And you feel unknowable. Whereas all this character is seen by you only and many times you see the image of many {goddesses} in meditation.


Actually, your brain's capacities are much more than your thinking. As you like Your mind looks like you. Trying an experiment Think of yourself as a member of your own family. Understanding the full depth of the mind. Then a few days later you will start doing the same way. Similarly, your subconscious mind brings forth the image of that goddess or god.Which you want to see in front of you. The real meditation then is the state of thoughtlessness. No picture can be estimated the advancement in meditation.


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So in this way, you connected with whole universe

Whether the future event can be seen.