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Your thoughts is the most powerful force in the world.

Hello friends, have a nice day! Today we are going to talk. Regarding programming of {Subconscious Mind}. Yes our friends, our mind works on ideas made by us.Which we can also call one type of programm... Read More

spiritual lover

Are we able to know our past life?

Past life regression , what happened in the last birth. We all are interested to know about it. How did we die in past life? In which house or in what place we lived in the previous birth. sometimes , All these things have come in our brain. ... Read More

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So in this way, you connected with whole universe

we are all one. You have heard this thing many times. Have you noticed this? What does this mean? How is we all one. If not, then let's look at it a bit. According to the sciences, when nothing was at the beginning. Then our entire universe was like a pea gram. Just a little bit narrow... Read More

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How the subconscious mind works.

Hello friends, you have heard so much about the subconscious mind. That, this mind is very powerful. Whoever controls this mind will have no problem in doing any work in the whole world. The person can do all the task very comfortably. But do you know. How does this happen? What is that in ... Read More

spiritual lover

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