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Kundalini Shakti is like a nuclear power.

By practicing yoga, we can awaken the Kundalini. It is not very difficult to do this.Kundalini is considered a symbol of snake in the Shastra's. Like a snake when it is in a state of comfort.Then does not know his existing and when it wakes up. It takes quite a terrible appearance. Sim... Read More

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What is Kundalini Yoga. Through this yoga, you can wake up the Kundalini early.

Kundalini Yoga is a very important yoga process. Through which you can easily awaken {Kundalini} power. It is believed. The Kundalini power of all lives on the bottom of the navel of all human beings or in the Muladhadar chakra. When it awakens. Then ... Read More

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If you do not feel like yoga then definitely try these five ways

The practice of {Yoga} is a very important process. By practicing yoga, you can adjust to your inner and outer world. You will go as deep as you like. You will find yourself equally deep in bondage with nature. Many people will do yoga from you. But the max... Read More

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At the time of meditation, why are the pictures of Goddess visible?

We all must have meditated sometimes. In this process of {meditation}, we have different types of experiences.From which we can guess the advancement in meditation.Is this guess correct? What can be estimated from the experience in m... Read More

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What is meditation and how to find out that you have progressed in the path of meditation.

Meditation is such a action.To say action not good. Is such an inexpressible state.Whereby everyone sometimes has passed.In different countries, Different religions have their own definition of {meditation... Read More

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Whether the future event can be seen.

Hello friends, you are very welcome.Friends today we will talk.The power of the human  body.Which you must have ever anticipated. Yes dear friends. This is the name of the energy {Precognition}. Through this e... Read More

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